New Website Launched!

Posted on 15th November 2013 by Michael Farrer

We're pleased to say that after months of discussion and deliberation, our new website has launched! Apologies to those that had to endure our former website... it definitely served its purpose as OMB's reference point on the web, but we hope you'll agree the new website is a huge improvement.

Investing in a new website is a significant cost to businesses in terms of both time and money, so we we did some research before embarking on this project and found this useful guide ( to help us conclude that it was the right time for a redesign.

1. To make it mobile-friendly
Yes - with mobile-based browsing tripling in the last two years and this growth set to continue as users ditch desktop computers in favour of mobile phones and tablets, it was important for OMB to have a website that could be used on both desktop and mobile-based platforms.

2. To incorporate social media
Yes - as a company we are well aware of the benefits social media can provide to both us and our clients. With this new blog and an increased effort to keep an ever-increasing eye on industry news, we're also launching our new @omb_research twitter account.

3. To add new functionality
Yes - we wanted to add a blog to our site as well as the ability to take advantage of new technology when appropriate, so rather than creating an add-on to our already outdated site, it was obvious that a redesign would be the way to go.

4. To improve usability
Yes - our old site was basic in look and function. We hope that you find the new site both easy on the eye and easy to use.

5. To incorporate rebranding
Yes - we've also had a logo refresh at the same time as redesigning the website in order to bring the OMB look more up-to-date.

6. To keep it up-to-date
Yes - we now have an updated and modern design that we hope will stand the test of time. With our new design, we can post regular updates from industry news to all things OMB.

7. To shake things up
Yes - with a few personnel changes over the last few years, we've updated our look and content to reflect that as a company, we're also offering something new.

We hope that you enjoy exploring our new site and content and finding out a bit more about OMB and what we might be able to do for your organisation. If you'd like to give us feedback, either positive or negative, then please just get in touch by clicking on the green bar below.

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